We here at Malin+Goetz aren’t going to pretend that 48 degrees is tropical weather, but when it’s 48 degrees in February in New York, it may as well be. Since that trusty little groundhog said spring is right around the corner anyway, why not make it feel a bit more like it?  Unless you’re one of those lucky New Yorkers who has access to an indoor pool, you’re probably not breaking out the swimwear just yet. But have no fear, there are some products you can use to put you in the Springtime spirit! The Malin+Goetz Mojito Candle is a great way to waft away the winter blues and summon the feeling of the tropics to your home or apartment. Perfect for a spring-themed party for your friends, or a casual night in with the cat and dog, this unique blend of mint leaves, lime, rum and basil instantly transports you to a warm afternoon, watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. The middle notes of spearmint and Chinese mint, and base notes of white musk bring to the olfactory senses the sure feeling that warmer days are ahead! With a formidable burn time of sixty hours, you may well be able to ride this candle’s wave of Springtime warmth until well into the equinox! Pair with our innovative Dark Rum candle for the true effect. This dynamic duo is the perfect way to start waving goodbye to scarves and gloves, and hello to tropical afternoons, and your favorite pair of boating shoes.