For nearly 8 years now, Malin+Goetz has been a cult favorite among the hip and fashion forward among us from around the globe. Our products are carried in uber cool shops, salons and department stores around the world; however to get the true Malin+Goetz experience one would have to come into one of only two freestanding retail stores in New York City. Well, the pursuit of our unique experience is about to get a little bit easier for many with the launch of Malin+Goetz Los Angeles.

Situated on charming Larchmont Blvd. in the historic and prestigious Hancock Park area, Brooklyn based architect Andrew Bernheimer has designed an environment that reflects the laid back vibrancy of the city while maintaining the neighborhood apothecary feel for which we have become known – 3,000 miles away from where it all began. Andrew Bernheimer has designed award-winning residential projects, commercial spaces and institutional projects. You can check out some more of Bernheimer Architecture's awe-inspiring work here:

This is how it all started.

Coming along nicely.

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