Cannabis EDP: Trends in High Places



1611 The English bring marijuana to Jamestown.

1920’s Marijuana begins crossing the border from Mexico as immigrants enter the U.S.

1930 Louis Armstrong and drummer Vic Berton are arrested outside the Cotton Club in Culver City, CA. They spend the night laughing it up in their cell due to still being high.

1931 29 states have now banned the use of marijuana.

1936 Louis Gasnier debuts “Reefer Madness,” and the Motion Pictures Association of America bans the showing of any narcotics in films.

1937 The Marijuana Tax Act makes pot illegal nationwide.  The term “buzzkill” is born?

1944 The La Guardia Report by the New York Academy of Sciences declares that the use of marijuana does not induce violence, insanity, sex crimes, or lead to addiction.

1956 The Narcotics Control Act sets mandatory sentences for marijuana. A first offense possession carries a minimum sentence of 2-10 years with a fine of up to $20k.

1966 Poet Allen Ginsberg pens “The Great Marijuana Hoax,” in Atlantic Monthly to demystify the drug and as a symbol against The Man (ie, government, the Vietnam War).

1968 John Lennon is arrested for marijuana possession in his London home.  Same thing happens to Eric Clapton, but in Los Angeles.

1970 The Controlled Substances Act places cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, putting it right up there with heroin and LSD. Wait. What?  Regis College student Bill Murray is arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly nine pounds of marijuana through O’Hare Airport.  27 years later, Regis will award him an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree.

1974 High Times magazine is founded.

1978 Cheech & Chong’s “Up in Smoke” grosses over $44 million at the box office while Rick James sings “Mary Jane.”

1986 President Ronald Reagan signs the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, instituting mandatory sentences for drug-related crimes. A year later, the Beastie Boys release “Hold it now, Hit it.”

1992 Presidential candidate Bill Clinton admits to experimenting with marijuana, his “I didn’t inhale” remaining his most famous quote until another one about sex eclipses it.

1996 California becomes the first state to legalize cannabis for medicinal use.

2000 Whitney Houston is detained at a Hawaii airport after authorities find more than 15 grams on her. Oh Whitney, we will always love you.

2007 MALIN+GOETZ launches its Cannabis Candle as a best seller.

2012 Colorado and Washington become the first states to allow recreational use.

2016 Comedian Bill Maher lights up on his TV show and the FCC fine him $1.7 million.

2017 MALIN+GOETZ launches Cannabis Eau de Parfum.  24 countries have decriminalized or legalized pot. Canada will have medicinal and recreational legalization in 2018.