Product Hound

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably already noticed that your furry friend is incredibly loyal, intelligent, playful, affectionate--and occasionally dirty. Once in a while, every dog needs a thorough cleansing, especially city-dwelling ones like our beloved rescue pup Mr. Greenberg. Most human shampoos contain too much soap and too much fragrance for a sensitive dog’s skin, which is why we created a dog shampoo just for our canine companions.

Not-so-dirty dog

Man’s best friend deserves...well, the very best. Inspired by our own Mr. Greenberg, our dog shampoo blends natural botanicals with hydrating amino acids to gently cleanse and pamper your pup. This mildly foaming shampoo is formulated with neroli extracts for a subtle citrus scent. Safe and effective for every pooch, it’s made with glycerin to help skin retain moisture so it’s perfect for sensitive skin or a dry coat. It rinses free without drying, stripping or irritating, leaving fur soft, shiny and manageable (Mr. Greenberg has never looked or smelled better).

Step by step

A bath every week or every other week is recommended for most dogs. For best results, wet coat thoroughly with warm water to remove surface dirt and debris. Apply dog shampoo onto skin, avoiding eyes and ears. Work the shampoo through the coat and gently massage your dog’s skin. Rinse well with tepid water. Give your pooch a quick towel dry to remove excess water, then brush the coat as it dries to remove loose hair. Remember to praise your pooch for being so cooperative during the bath.

By Lisa Hom