leather eau de parfum.


nodding to the centuries old practice of fragrancing artisanal leather goods with custom perfumes, leather is a modern update that marries rawness + refinement. immediately recognizable + universally appealing, leather is a texture + scent that inevitably evokes feelings of nostalgia. in our formula, muted florals mirror the elegance of smooth leather while rustic wood notes call to mind the softness of a well-worn vintage find. intimately shaping itself around the wearer like a second skin, leather is a fragrance that only gets better with time. read more about leather.

top: lotus flower, pepper + clove. 
middle: muguet, orchid + green violet. 
base: leather, cedarwood + sandalwood.

genderless + designed to be shared by couples or used individually.
pairs well with petitgrain perfume oil.

leather scented products.
+ leather perfume oil
+ leather candle

please note: due to the alcohol content in fragrance, this item can only ship via ground service.