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fragrance discovery kit.

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try before you commit. sample our collection of six modern eau de parfums (.75ml) with our discovery kit. inspired by traditional single notes. elevated by our unique interpretation. once you find your favorite scent.
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blends peppery citrus + warm woods for dynamic balance. a burst of zest dries to a soft warmth for a refreshing start that transitions perfectly into evening.
a stimulating + bold statement of citrus, floral + earthy woods. blends notes bergamot, black pepper + orange, muguet + magnolia + base notes of cedarwood, patchouli + sandalwood. no lingering side effects.
dark rum.
a modern interpretation of traditional caribbean rum. blends ripe plum, amber + tattered leather, to be warm + seductive, with just the right hint of spice.
a verdant fragrance that captures the crisp cut stems of green hyacinth + dewy muguet. balanced by textural musk molecules for a fresh, unexpected effect.
this intimate scent recalls unexpected florals woven through smoldering leather, sandalwood + incense.
an intriguing spin on an iconic perfumery staple. unexpectedly fresh with a hint of smoke. bright citrus + fresh cardamom give an energizing sensation, while savory celery seed + sensual white iris enhance vetiver's earthy warmth.