facial cleansing oil.


Our customer favorite facial cleansing oil is back with a new look; the improved design features an updated pump dispenser for easy application and a see-through luxurious bottle for your medicine cabinet. This multi-tasking cleanser removes makeup to purify and balance all skin types, especially dry and sensitive. An advanced blend of fatty-acid based essential oils emulsify with water into a gentle milk, throroughly cleansing skin of impurities. Rinses residue-free.

select ingredients.
grapeseed, avocado and olive oils hydrate and purify.
lavender and eucalyptus calm and balance.
• chamomile, vitamins a and e condition and soften.

for normal/combination to dry skin types.

Apply 1-2 pumps on to dry skin with dry hands. Gently massage over skin, paying particular attention to eyes and lips to remove makeup. Add water to emulsify, then rinse clean.