Life Advice from the Beauty Bosses

Ashima Jain 
Vice President of Creative.

I lead, design and direct our brand identity across print, packaging, digital, social and in-store marketing materials.

Tell us about your leadership as a woman. I find the setup at (MALIN+GOETZ) to be truly unique and amazing. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the fashion+beauty space, in both retail and publishing. In that time, I have never sat at table with all women in leadership positions, running the business. I have lead teams both in and out of the office (on the soccer field) and keep coming back to the same thing—great people make great teams. As a leader it’s about recognizing that, fostering and encouraging "great traits" and leading by example. In a word, it’s about listening and making sure everyone at the table has a voice.

Who has inspired you in your life? I wouldn't be where I am today without the help and support of one of my first mentors, Marcia Mossack. She was a tremendous leader managing an 80-person department at a massive retailer. She was inspiring, smart and committed to the success and development of each of those 80 people. She was able to manage it all: the CEO, the creative teams, the photo shoots, and making it to her kids' soccer practice downtown. I always wondered, "How did she do it? " I found myself lucky enough to be working for her again 15 years later, and she had just as much fire. It's that kind of drive and determination that I aspire to have and channel. It's hard to not find this kind of energy contagious.



Dominique Lagleva
Director of Digital Marketing + E-Commerce.

I lead a team of talented young professionals that oversee digital marketing, development, analytics and the customer experience online.

Tell us about your leadership as a woman. It's about being unapologetically you and not being afraid to share your opinion. Working in e-comm/digital, a space that is predominately male, it is more important than ever to have a voice and use it. Being a boss, you have to show humility, give credit when it's due, and stand united as a team when faced with challenges. You're only as strong as the team you lead!

Who has inspired you in your life? My mama (Dad’s mom. She didn’t let us call her grandma. Lol) has always been my inspiration. My grandparents moved from the Philippines to the U.S. when my dad was 12 years old. My grandma started working as a hair stylist in the Mission District of SF, doing what she loved. She was resilient, fought for her family and is easily the most loving human. Mama always told me to do for myself, don’t be afraid to be who I am, work hard and show compassion. I strive to be like her every day.



Anna Bunning
Director of Finance.

I like to say I run the numbers.

Tell us about your leadership as a woman. One of my undergrad majors was math, and I remember most of the female students in my classes aspired to be teachers, which I did not. But it turns out I have also become a teacher in a way. For finance to truly add value, other departments have to understand how numbers work, and not simply be told financial results. The journey to results is just as important as the outcome itself.

Who has inspired you in your life? A coworker once told me to push my boss for more responsibility and pay. I asked her, "Really? You think?" She said, "absolutely" and told me that she could see me as a CFO one day. I think back to that conversation even now, years later. Women often cheer each other on in personal endeavors, but not necessarily in the workplace. Something for us ladies to strive for!



Michelle Carroll
Vice President of Sales.

I lead a team of very talented men and women to be brand ambassadors in our retail and wholesale accounts across the United States market.

Tell us about your leadership as a woman. Being a female leader is thrilling, fun and a honor. At times in my career, it has been frustrating being the only female around a table of men! At (MALIN+GOETZ), it’s been quite the opposite; speaking up and listening was critical in my success. Now, I’m aware of making sure that my team, whatever level or gender, has the platform to be heard. The best ideas and leaders are uncovered through the process. I look forward to 5 years from now when a young leader is asked these same questions, and it's "tell us about your leadership" without having to include "as a women."  

Who has inspired you in your life? I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by several inspiring people; a strong mother, a wise father and two caring older brothers who have taught me that speaking up is equally as important as listening.



Jamie Tuazon
Product Development + Marketing Manager.

I work closely with Matthew and Andrew to identify and concept new product innovations, translating and executing products from the formula to packaging. We work to create products that are not only effective, but provide a sensorial experience from start to finish.

Tell us about your leadership as a woman. As a leader, I strive to exemplify the following everyday: 1. be genuine; people thrive off other’s energy and when your honest and enthusiastic it’s contagious. 2. take initiative and lead by example – no task is too small. 3. enable others – encourage and give credit where credit’s due. 4. Be direct and clear with your expectations so that things don’t get lost in translation. 5. Most importantly, have fun and laugh a lot.

Who has inspired you in your life? My first job in beauty was when I was 19, I instantly gravitated towards my boss. 12 years later she is not only my mentor, but a great friend. She taught me to find my own voice, to never be afraid to ask for what I want and to look at my failures and mistakes as a tool for opportunity and progress.



Amanda O’Connor
Senior Director of Operations.

I oversee the company’s supply chain from planning, sourcing, production, inventory management and logistics of our products. It’s my responsibility to work with our suppliers and warehouses to maximize operations and align with the financial objectives of the business.

Tell us about your leadership as a woman.  I try to lead by example and show my team that being assertive, taking initiative and working hard are keys to success. I encourage them to constantly look for ways to make improvements and consider the overall impact of their decisions on the business.

Who has inspired you in your life? I’m inspired by all the trailblazing women who have overcome diversity and the fearless leaders continuing to fight for women’s rights and gender equality today. It’s these strong, tenacious women that empower and motivate me to be my best self.



Aveling Pan
CRM Analyst.

I derive insights from our customer data. Arming our sales and marketing teams with knowledge enables them to provide the right messages and services at the right time to customers throughout their journey with (MALIN+GOETZ).

Tell us about your leadership as a woman. I started working in enterprise software, which is about as cigars and scotch as an episode of Mad Men get. It's so refreshing to have women now as my peers and managers, not just at (MALIN+GOETZ), but within the whole CPG industry.

Who has inspired you in your life?  My high school speech coach, Gay Brasher, once told me that hair movement is a sign of weakness ( Southern). If you decide to do anything, always give 100%. Success is the result of sustained effort and overcoming failure. Also, my colleague, Al Gerona insisted on knowing your value in your career. Always motivated me to set long-term professional and personal goals. You're only as successful as your team.