let's talk about acids

For quite a while now, acids have been playing leading roles in the skincare game, featuring in everything from the professional chemical peels performed at dermatologists' offices to the targeted acne treatments found on drugstore shelves to even the simplest moisturizers. While they are burdened with somewhat intimidating names, acids are clinically-proven to have a wide range of benefits for all skin types, especially when formulated and used appropriately. 


Our products, which are always developed to be suitable for sensitive skin, leverage these potent ingredients in many ways, but only ever at percentages optimized for efficacy and stability in order to make them easy and gentle to use. Hyaluronic acid, for instance, is used in almost all of our facial moisturizers and serums as sodium hyaluronate to help skin retain hydration and moisture. Our resurfacing glycolic pads are soaked in a solution of 10% glycolic acid, which makes them very effective, but much milder than professional peels, which use a minimum of 30% glycolic acid. 

Our new multitasking resurfacing face serum continues to follow this philosophy, using a balanced blend of acids to deliver a whole host of benefits. While active ingredients such as AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), vitamin C, niacinamide and phytic acid can be difficult to formulate together, by working with stable derivatives at lower percentages, we were able to develop a synergistic formula that works to resurface skin and help protect it from environmental stressors.  


We started with 6% glycolic acid and 2% lactic acid to create an effective chemical exfoliating solution. The two types of AHAs work in tangent to smooth away dead skin cells, resulting in less texture, improved tone and smaller-looking pores. 

Thanks to an additional infusion of 2% 3-O ethyl ascorbic acid, a highly stable form of vitamin C, our serum also contains potent antioxidant benefits, but delivered in a more reliable and gentler manner than is usually associated with ascorbic acid (the most traditional form of vitamin C). This ingredient helps counter the impact of environmental stressors on the skin and can help brighten and improve skin tone. The addition of phytic acid and niacinamide round out the formula, helping support the smoothing and brightening actions of the three key acids. 


The innovation of combining all of these powerhouse ingredients together in a thoughtful way is what has given resurfacing face serum its multitude of smoothing and brightening abilities. While this beautifully lightweight gel formula was developed to be safe and gentle for sensitive skin, it is always wise to begin slowly with a new product that contains acids. We recommend always starting with a patch test and building up usage carefully, going from a few times a week to once a day to even twice a day. And, since acids can sensitize skin to the sun, it is always important to use a sunscreen like spf 30 high protection during the daytime. Everyone's resurfacing journey is different, but whether you choose to use resurfacing face serum, resurfacing glycolic pads or even a treatment like brightening enyzme mask, we're confident that our gentle acids will help you find your way to smoother and brighter-looking skin.