By: Micah, Account Coordinator


I wanted to share my personal story and love affair with the Malin+Goetz Cilantro Hair Conditioner.

Between the years of 2011-2013 I was hair modeling for Vidal Sassoon. As my hair became shorter and shorter it was eventually buzzed for a modern day Great Gatsby cut, I decided to add some fun color. Summer of 2013 I went on tour with my band and began the ritual of bleaching and coloring neon colors almost every week!! By October 2013 my hair had officially DIED. It's what we in the industry call a "chemical cut". The breakage and damage was awful. I tried every deep conditioner, vitamin, and treatment I could find. Sadly nothing was working and my hair was a hot mess!

In January 2014 a miracle walked into my life, the Cilantro Hair Conditioner! Gabriel McVay changed the life of my hair by giving me the pro-tip that Cilantro Conditioner could be used as a cleansing conditioner. So I took his advice and only used Gentle Neroli Shampoo once a week, the rest of the week I gently massaged Cilantro Conditioner into my scalp and left on for about one or two mins then rinsed. After only a month everyone took notice. My hair was growing again, shining again and finally able to hold color! Within a few months my hair had changed drastically. My hair stylist asked me last week what I was using and I proudly said Malin+Goetz.

If you have your own hair horror stories, pass them on my message of hope. I posted a picture below of my new healthy hair. :)