uncomplicate your regimen

what's your 2-step?

cynthia cervantes / art director

There's nothing more that I love than an evening of indulging in skincare, but the truth is that many nights the most I can do are 2 steps in my routine. That's why I love the facial cleansing oil, it deep cleanses and washes off makeup and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. Once I've cleansed, I follow up with the intensely moisturizing recovery treatment oil, which makes my face feel loved and renewed.

what else can you do in 2 minutes?

I can lay my baby hairs a few different ways in under 2 minutes.

what's your 2-step?

travis gumbs / photographer

Right before bed, I wash my face with the grapefruit face cleanser. I like the feel of an oil cleanser—it's gentle and really hydrates my face. To lock in that dewy, hydrating feeling, I apply the vitamin e face moisturizer.

why do you love (MALIN+GOETZ)?

I love how simple and clean the products are, and the fact that they are unisex.

sherica holmon 2 step solution


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