I retired in January at the age of 68, and the last two or three years in particular, with 50-60 hour weeks, had taken their toll on me. One of the things I promised myself was that when I hung it up, I would work out regularly, and I began working with a personal trainer daily. "So you want to get bigger," one of my friends commented. Well, yeah. And trimmer.

As an outgrowth of working out, that led to other changes, including doing a better job with my diet and keeping hydrated. Although I had been an "occasional" customer of M&G in recent years, I also began using your products more regularly, I noticed that dry patches, such as a very persistent one on my elbow, gave way. My skin has become noticeably more supple and even more taut. I have tanned judiciously (no more than 24 minutes a week), a side benefit after my internist recommended that, when supplements did not address a Vitamin D deficiency.

But the shocker was when I ran into a former colleague a few weeks ago. We had not seen one another since I left. As we exchanged hellos, she said with a grin "Obviously, retirement is agreeing with you," then she did a double-take, and added, "Oh, my gosh, you look ten years younger!"

A purely anecdotal testimonial, to be sure, but M&G has been an important contributor to changing the arc of my life this year for the better. Thanks!



Hello gentlemen,
Wanted to share a quick story and extend a thank you.
As you both know, I've been a fan since my first experience with your brand and hopefully converted a few people along the way.

With that said, you've got a huge new fan... My father. He's been suffering from rosacea (amongst other skin issues) for years. He's tried every possible prescription face medication possible with little or no success.

For years I've been trying to get him to give your products a shot. He's not the easiest "sell". Finally, for his birthday in April, he asked me to get him "the face stuff I've been telling him about".

Within 48 hours I was getting texts and calls from him telling me he can feel something happening. That was followed by texts of his nightly face cleansing regimens. He even went on vacation for 10 days and brought all the samples he could for the trip! He's hooked! He's telling everyone he knows.

You've made my Christmas shopping for him a breeze...

Had to share... And of course say thanks!

Josh S.


Dear Mr. Goetz,

I apologize for taking some time replying to this--I saw the email soon after you sent it and proceeded to walk away from my inbox with awe. It was much like when you had walked into the Chelsea store with Mr. Greenberg last December and I sort of clammed up.I'm not very good at handling unexpected things, and tend to be very private. I had a mini heart attack when I saw the Christmas Card that we gave along with the truffles on Facebook, and I refused to be in the photo today when Doris was whipping out her iPhone. I don't expect any of this, so thank you for the outreach. I know you're all very busy people and we're just a random couple in the Bronx. I regret not taking the opportunity in December to tell you in person how much we love your products (I blame Mr. Greenberg for being too distracting and adorable), so I don't want to lose this opportunity to do so.

The story of how we got into MALIN+GOETZ is far too long for a card, and I've said parts of it when visiting the Chelsea store. It's all Alex's fault really; after his first visit to FSC Barber, the barber used the hair pomade and he was so smitten by it that he immediately walked over to the Chelsea store and purchased it. He also got a eucalyptus deodorant, because how can anyone refuse that? Alex also received many samples and brought them home and thoroughly enjoyed them. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I tried some of the samples (Alex looked so happy having his little stash that I didn't want to "steal" from him), and there was no going back.

I suffer from eczema and Alex suffers from eczema and rosacea. Over the winters, our conditions become aggravated and it's hard to enjoy life when you're itching or red or worse because you can't stop fussing. My eczema likes to surface around my cheeks, which apparently gives the appearance of nice rosy cheeks, but is actually extremely painful to the point where I hated making facial expressions on the coldest/driest of days. The winter when we discovered MALIN+GOETZ was the first winter I was genuinely happy: my cheeks were not red and flaking and for the first time my life my eczema was under control. Alex's face wasn't red anymore and he was no longer scratching his body. The replenishing face serum and cream are miracle workers that we both swear by for the colder temperatures. It was like we rediscovered being able to enjoy life again, no longer burdened by a level of discomfort, and winter was no longer a season to endure.

From the face products, it didn't take long for us to branch out to hair and body. Alex can never get enough peppermint--from the shampoo to the scrub, he's all over it. The best part of your hair products (besides them working wonderfully) are people's reactions when they smell and marvel over the cilantro conditioner scent. It's different, fresh, and leaves everyone wanting more. The candles are a wonderful way to destress and relax. It's been a beautiful, red-free, and itch-free 2 going on 3 years since we've immersed ourselves in the world of MALIN+GOETZ.

Truth be told, MALIN+GOETZ was simply a way of life for us. We have our preferred seasonal products that we cycle through. We order from Bloomingdales as needed since we're Loyallists and we get points for it on top of free shipping. It wasn't until a year after the discovery that I had people asking me what products I used since they said I had great skin. Perhaps it's because I still mentally remember myself as the acne-prone teenager I used to be, but I was shocked when someone pointed that out to me. Then I realized that she must not have been lying because more people pointed it out. I was skeptical of the praise, but I always told them about MALIN+GOETZ and some of them proceeded to buy some and report their own love for the product.

The most definitive proof I uncovered was looking at the catalog of photographs for the wedding website. Pictures of me before I was 25 showed me with the occasional acne outbreak that involved at least one angry red pimple and a smile that ultimately says: why are you taking a picture of me? Any photo of me from 25 on has me with blemish-free skin. While I could also possibly thank my hormones for calming down, I did the math and realized that also coincided with when we started using MALIN+GOETZ products. I don't use make up, so it's been a huge difference and I'm so much happier in photos now since my smile is much more confident and not one bit self-aware. (In case you're wondering for the math, I'm turning 28 this year.)

The promotional offers during the last holiday season was what finally got Alex and I to visit the Chelsea store. I'm so happy you ran them, because it's gave us the opportunity to meet the MALIN+GOETZ family of amazing and fabulous employees. It's a great location to go when we need a product in a pinch. It's been wonderful getting to know everyone and it's like stopping by a fabulously scented second home. The visits were also great escapes as we purchased gifts for close family friends and vendors for the wedding, allowing time to exchange some quick laughs and moments of solace from the mad rush of wedding planning.

I also have to eternally thank you for both the acne treatment that I used to feverishly stem off stress acne and the rice bran eye moisturizer when I couldn't get much sleep the week before the wedding. It helped keep me not looking too haggard and looking great on wedding day.

Oh dear, this turned into a much longer version of "thank you for making quality products we can depend on." MALIN+GOETZ are the first and last products we use everyday. Beyond the wedding process, your products have been a daily part of our lives, but I won't repeat the sentiment in the cards. I like to think the products simply sell themselves, and we're just steering people in the right direction when they ask. Thank you so much, and we continue to praise you and wish you further success in your endeavors.

With much love,

Alison and Alex


Just had my first successful visit to FSC Barber where the dude introduced me to (M+G) pomade. Awesome stuff! Good stuff! Just felt like sharing. :) When something works, the good news should be shared.

- Philip E., Brooklyn NY


I just wanted to write to say how much I love your face lotion. I've been using the lotion on my face for the last two years and have loved it. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and as the surgical site heals, it has been itching. My doctor has strict restrictions about what I can use - the face lotion fits. Additionally, I'm allergic to a lot of medical grade material such as tegaderm. I was concerned when I put it on the first time, afraid it would sting like some other lotions I tried but much like when I put it on my face it, it fixed the flaky skin and itch without stinging!Thank you so much.

Very truly yours,

Hannah S.


Hey Malin+Goetz!

After years of horrible acne, I finally found your products, my saving grace! I tried everything from Clearasil to Proactive and nothing ever fixed the problem areas. I love your 10% glycolic acid pads, they helped with not only drying up my acne, but prevented new pimples from forming. As a spot treatment, I use the 10% active sulfur acne treatment. If a pimple felt like it was coming on, I'd dab a drop of that on over night and the next day there is always no bump! Not only does it stop pimples, its evened out sun and acne spots I've had for years! These products are miracle workers. After using your products, I told everyone I know about your website. My mother, best friends, and all 4 of my roommates use Malin+Goetz now and we all have the clearest skin of our lives! Thank You for giving me makeup-free confidence again, I haven't felt comfortable in my skin until now. I'll continue to use your products for life and will continue to recommend Malin+Goetz to everyone I know!

Malin+Goetz saved my skin!

Alice M., Texas


Wanted to write a quick note to let you know that after suffering a severe bout of acne at age 23-24, I was left with permanent rosacea after it cleared up. I had perfect skin before that, and am now 32 years old. I've struggled for years to find a product that would eliminate the redness on my chin, and finally found a somewhat magical combination in the Grapefruit Cleanser and Vitamin E Moisturizer.

After only using your face products for less than a month, I've noticed a huge difference. The redness is almost completely gone, and some clogged pores I had lingering around have cleared up as well. I am thrilled and plan to recommend your products to a couple friends who've had similar issues to mine.


The eucalyptus deodorant because it's all natural, and it prevents me from stinking without putting harmful aluminum in my pores! Rachel Z.


I'm a huge fan of the peppermint shampoo & cilantro conditioner - I'm going to NYC soon & want my hair to look & smell fab!!! :) Ron T.


Eucalyptus Deodorant. It's a great product! One of my many faves from Malin+Goetz. Alex F.


grapefruit cleanser + detox mask, these two together have cleared my skin like nothing else! Steven W.


Eucalyptus deodorant and the new spf 15 face moisturizer. You get to smell great here (under arms) and feel great there (face) and @ the same time, protect the best thing on your body...your skin! Burt S.


Eucalyptus Deodorant. All my friends appreciate the fact that my deodorant doesn't smell like the stuff their little brothers use after gym class. Matt M.


Has to be the Essential Kit. What better way to get acquainted with what you do so well...Bart D.


The Vitamin E Shaving cream is AMAZING because it cools your face down after shaving, because we all know we'd like to just stick our faces in the freezer after we shave! Also the Detox Face Mask, GREAT and easy cleanser and improves skin texture! Darian C.


You can't go wrong with any M+G product! The shampoo and conditioner, the grapefruit face wash, love all of it! Matthew F.


M+G's Vitamin E Face Moisturizer because until we met, I swore I'd NEVER put a lotion-textured hydrator on my face. It proved to me that a creamy moisturizer exists that doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy-in fact -- quite the opposite! And c'mon -- M&G's Dark Rum Candle remains the best $48 I've ever spent in my life. I would marry it (without a pre-nup) in a heartbeat. Gregory G.


Your peppermint shampoo and cilantro conditioner changed my hair. Once I started using your product I no longer had to flat iron my frizz and fly-always. My hair not only smelled great it felt great. My scalp was healthier too. I tell everyone about your miracle products. I can't wait to try more items. I just need to get to a store to seek out my next must have from your company. Great job. Sarah A.


I think that the Synthesized Geranium fragrance is one of the most unique products out there on the product in terms of packaging and of course the amazing smell. Haya Z.


The cilantro conditioner b/c it smells AWESOME! Ally G.


The essentials travel kit, because I would like one of EVERYTHING, and this would be a good start! Hollie B.


The Replenishing Face Serum. Whenever I stop into the Chelsea store, I ask whoever's working their personal favorite (M+G) product; more often than not, it's the Face Serum for its unique benefits to skin tone and texture. I want in on the secret! Colin S.


Personally, I'd have to root for the Cannabis Candle. I mean what better scent to truly chill out to??? And a clean-burning candle to top it all off? Perfection. Additionally, I have to give a shout out to the Vitamin b5 Moisturizer. It's the perfect total-body moisturizer, and it smells so nice I even use it to tame my crazy curly hair! Malin+Goetz is perfection. Joel L.


Love the cannabis perfume oil too....try it!!!! Sara D. Hands down, the Rum Candle. If my whole apartment can smell like my tonic why not? Wait did mention the rum tonic? Jason N.


Vitamin E Face Moisturizer and Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer are my two faves! :-) Robert P.


MALIN + GOETZ Perfume Rum tonic!! Smell yummy :D Nikki L. Peppermint Shampoo & Cilantro Conditioner, absolutely fantastic! Joseph S.


I got to try the peppermint shampoo and cilantro conditioner when we stayed at the ace in Portland last year - and I have to say Portland was just that much better because m + g stuff was magic! Deborah R.


Your Eucalyptus deodorant is delicious to the nose (both mine and others). It doesn't feel sticky, or dry out your skin. I wonder if the Koalas smell this good? Tyson S.


I tried the face detox mask for the first time yesterday and I swear that I could feel the product working! It was the coolest feeling that I've ever felt in a face mask product. I'm completely enthusiastic about using it again and it made my face feel so nice after too and it smelled great. Definetely a must grab! Dayna S.


Love your products, had a facial in Palm Springs at a boutique hotel that uses Malin+Goetz exclusively, and my skin never felt better. I bought the grapefruit cleanser, vitamin E moisturizer and one of the best candles ever. You have an amazing line. My skin is somewhat sensitive and I rarely get blemishes. I was out of product for two weeks and went to my back up stuff, got a break out! Learned my lesson to order before I run out! ♥ loyal customer forever! Ami D.


The Vitamin E face moisturizer is the best! Soothing after you shave, effectively eliminates tight dry feeling, light clean scent, absorbs instantly & does not look shiny. What more could anyone want? Greg S.


Malin+Goetz Rum Tonic Eau made me find my partner :-)Thomas M.


Malin+Goetz products are nothing short of astonishing. The formula of every single product is packed full of state of the art, technologically advanced ingredients, allowing you to experience maximum benefits and results. Malin+Goetz is a personal care line designed for those who, like me, have tried everything else under the sun, and simply want well formulated products that work. Richard G.


Synthesized Musk is THE musk of all musks. Warm, earthy, clean, sun-warmed skin. Perfect for layering. I own this in both formulations, and never fail to receive a compliment when wearing. I will always have this! Sharon M.


I love the rum spritz!! it's crazy sexy!! :) Shelby M.


The Bergamot Body Wash and Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer are like a power couple for my body! I have sensitive, dry skin. The Bergamot Body Wash is efficacious and cleanses without overdrying, and the Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer is like a tall, cool drink of water for my thirsty skin. After I shower and get ready to begin my day, my skin feels completely comfortable - neither too moisturized nor dried out. Simply soft, comfortable skin. Richard G.


I'm obsessed with the Bergamot body wash. Like, hopelessly obsessed. Thanks. Wendy S.


The detox face mask is AMAZING!!! Ron T.


Aloe almond gel is amazing!!!! Steven W.


I just bought Otto from the store on 7th avenue. If I wasn't already wearing Cannabis and Neroli, I'd be wearing it. Smells like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Fragrant Moments.


I am writing this email because I love Malin+Goetz’s products and service. I’m not a celebrity or an M+G relative, just a pleased customer who wants to share that pleasure. I discovered M+G a few years ago when O Magazine plugged the jojoba face scrub. I bought it, loved it, it has a great smell and is an effective cleanser. I have sensitive skin and a very sensitive sense of smell. I love the smell of all M+G products and have never had an adverse reaction to any of them, yet they are effective. I am grateful Malin+Goetz has put their expertise into creating products I can use safely. The service at Malin+Goetz is reliable and prompt. I always receive quick, helpful answers to my email questions and my products arrive in excellent condition, in a timely manner. Love the free sample too! So that is my plug from the heart (and face). Jane R.


I just had to send you an email and let you know...you should be very proud of your deodorant that you have developed...spending three years getting to the end result has absolutely paid off....I LOVE IT...THANK YOU FOR A FANTASTIC PRODUCT.....:o) Patricia T.


I love the detox face mask. I have combination skin that is sensitive to almost everything and is acne prone. But this stuff has kept such a great balance and I have not broken out! :-) Stella


Thank you SO MUCH for responding to me so quickly!! You guys are absolutely the very best!! I positively ADORE Malin & Goetz, as do my husband and teenagers -- the quality of the products is just over the top... Even my surly 14 year-old son reminded me the other day that his beloved lime hand wash was running low... He never notices ANY other product going out on him -- this was truly remarkable! Thanks so much again for your assistance, and for your fabulous product line! I really appreciate your time & help! With tremendous gratitude, Michelle D.

I continue to love these products. Thanks so much for making stuff that works and smells great! Madeline, Chicago, IL

hi, satisfied customer here (face wash, shampoo, body moisturizer, perfumery). fyi, great face shave results with cilantro hair conditioner. read about using hair conditioner as a pre-shave on the internet; also as a shave cream in a pinch. tried a few different brand conditioners; the Malin + Goetz cilantro gave best results. Michael Rosenblum

Thank you again! I am so pleased with everything.. Your cellular renewal cream is the bomb! Sara Griscomrn, Knoxville, TN

I have to say that these are the best facial and body products I have ever used. I cannot believe the change in my skin. Especially my face. Love, love the Detox Face Mask! A friend recommended them to me once she used them at the 21 C Mueseum Hotel in Louisville KY. I have since shared with my mother who was suffering with eczema on her face and your Vitamin E Face Moisturizer cleared it up. So now she will be placing her first order with you.
Tracey Ferguson, Lexington, KY

Your Lip Moisturizer changed my life. I just gave birth to my second daughter and my lips were so dry. I have never used your products, and a friend squeezed some on my finger to try it. I swear to all holy things that I grabbed my computer and ordered 2 tubes asap. I don't know what's in it, and I don't care. My lips feel as wonderful as my baby Georgia's bottom. I almost changed her name to Malin+Goetz Lowenberg, but I think Georgia still sounds better. Thank you for your products!! Sincerely, Erin (a new customer)

Tried a few of your samples at The Encore in Las Vegas-great products...and you should know I was married to a dermatologist. Thanks, Marc

thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products. my partner and i have fallen in love with many of your products over the last two years. from the rum bar soap to the detox face mask (and many in between), your products are simply superior to others in the marketplace. continue the exceptional work. chad trujillo, louisville, ky

I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with feedback on your Lip Moisturizer. I stopped by the store in Chelsea this past weekend to learn more about the full product line. In the process, I came away with a couple of products, one of them being the Lip Moisturizer. I have to say it is, bar none, the best lip balm I have ever tried and I am a bit of a cosmetics junkie so I've sampled quite a few! My lips have been terribly chapped over the past month due to the cold New York weather. Then, of course, this is only exacerbated by the fact that once they start to get chapped, I tend to lick them for moisture, making the problem worse.

So, I was curious to try your Lip in an attempt to get a handle on my chapped lips. I've only used it a few times, thus far, but I have to say it is absolutely incredible. I literally felt a huge difference upon immediate use. I love the fact that it is so moisturizing yet not too goopy and certainly not waxy. Plus, I really found that, once it sunk into my lips, it really kept them moisturized and super-soft for the whole day. There is also a visible difference in my lips, which is nice. I was starting to get self-conscious and it always looks terrible when you apply lipstick over badly chapped lips. I can no longer see the dryness. So, I have to thank you and I'm sure my boyfriend would like to thank you too (kissing someone with chapped lips is no fun!!!). This stuff is amazing. I also have to thank your staff for their incredibly courteous and patient service. They really took the time to walk me through everything in a thorough fashion. Greatly appreciated. Yours truly, Ellen Kackmann

Your products are the best I have ever used, I have used kiehls, dermetalogica, art of shaving, lab series, clinique for men, and have never had face and body products work so well, be so simple, and really satisfy all the senses! Bravo, I am from NY (Babylon, on long island) and will definitely stop by your store when I visit soon. Thanks again! Ryan Mc Caslin

Hi, This is the only hand cream (Vit B5 Hand Treatment) that has helped my hands even if they have been in water. It is fantastic! It only took me 63 years to find it. Barbara Tippie, Chicago.

Your products were recommended by the Grooming Lounge in McLean, Virginia, and I agree that they are excellent. Thank you. Sam Rimell

Your vitamin e face moisturizer is wonderful. I love it and we also use it on my dad. He used to have eye infections constantly from dry flakes of skin going into his eyes. Then I tried my vitamin e moisturizer on him and he had never had another one. Amazing...Thanks, Joanne (daughter)

I love the Detox Face Mask. I picked it up at the Beauty Bar at St John's Town Center in Jacksonville Florida and just love it. It reminds me of no other product from any other line that I have tried. A really effective and yet surporisingly gentle cleanser. Thanks. Dr. Dan B.

I have been very impressed with the level of customer service and personal attention to my order and that you've earned my repeat business in the future -- as well as recommendations to others -- because of that. Best, Jeff Mc Andrews

Hello... I would really like a sample of the cellular renewal cream. I am a long time customer and have been waiting and waiting for the release of this cream (2 + years!!). Best regards. Crystal

Paige--I have been very impressed with the level of customer service and personal attention to my order and that you've earned my repeat business in the future--as well as recommendations to others.

I have had the opportunity to try the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, Jojoba Face Scrub, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamot Body Was, and the Peppermint Hair Shampoo. The Face Cleanser and Moisturizer are extremely gentle and soothing to my skin. The Face Cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean yet not dry and tight, something most other cleansers do. The Moisturizer is working for me as well since most moisturizers cause my skin to redden and itch whereas yours does not. This is a relief. The Bergamot Body Wash is quite moisturizing and soothing as well. The scent of this is extraordinary. Due to the change in weather my skin has been a bit on the dry side. Your body wash has cleared this up after only two uses--especially my elbows and knees. Overall I must say your products are a giant leap from from what I have been using. Gentle, soothing, hydrating, and, calming to my sensitive and reactive skin.
Brian H

M+G, Please don't EVER stop making the MUSK perfume oil! It's amazing and I don't ever want to be without it! I stopped in to pick up some skin care on Tuesday night and I remembered the oil being mentioned in some editorial I'd seen so I picked up a bottle. It's really perfect; soft, warm and I suppose 'sensual' would be an appropriate word. A couple of days of wearing this and there's no way I could go back to wearing the Kiehl's musk oil I'd worn before - in my humble opinion, there's no comparison! Thanks again! Roman

Today, I had my first experience at your NYC shop. I was assisted by an intuitive and very capable young woman named Jessicah who guided me to the best products for my skin and hair and provided samples so that i could try ones that I was unsure of. After experiencing some of the products, of course, I am a confirmed fan. I want to thank you for making such lovely products and for choosing and training your staff well. I am eager to return for more.
Cindi DM

Hi there,
I just had a quick look through your testimonials and realised I am not the only one who stayed at a classy hotel and feel in love with your products! The Condesa DF in Mexico City was the place it all happened. My husband, a chef of the not-so-celebrity kind, unshaven and scruffy, has also taken a shine to your products and has started moisturizing!!!! All the samples I bagged from our three nights stay there have been squeezed of their last drop. EEhh, you don't ship internationally! Any suggestions for a New Zealander on the verge of flying back just to get a whiff of that Peppermint Shampoo? A really big fan of the styling and simplicity of the product too.
Warm regards,

I just wanted to add my name to your list of very, very happy customers. I had never used your products until staying at 21C Hotel in Louisville this past May. Since then I moved to Williamstown, MA where your products are not sold, so I've become a devoted web shopper. My last order contained TONS of samples (YEAH!!!!!) including a sample of your Sage Styling Cream. I'm sold!! Thanks for making great products, thanks for making online shapping fun and thanks for introducing me to your broader product line.
Joan Hanscom

My name is Calvin Connell and I love your fragrances! I have all 4 of them.
I know that there is suppose to be two brand new fragrances that is suppose to be released pretty soon.
When will it be available to order online? (I honestly check every single day).

Dear Amanda, I recently received my order along with your wonderful note. I have to tell you that in this day of IM and e-mail and a hand written note is special and I appreciate it. Also, it was you who made the transaction easy after I forgot about the free shipping. Oh and lime is my favorite scent too, but I ordered the set cause I had to have that cool box!
Robert Stinson

I was just in New York the last 4 days and stayed at the Tribeca Grand Hotel where they provided your products. I have had eczema on my leg for over a year and after one shower using your product it was almost gone... its an amazing product. I also love what it did for my hair. Loved the tingle. Judy Walker

Hi Tim, hanks for the generous collection of samples and both of us really like the products. They sure beat the fine range of "Marriot Execustay" products that previously graced our lovely 1970s bathroom. Really appreciate the email and all the best for a great weekend. I'm sure you'll see me in the store again soon.....Louise M.

I tried your shampoo and conditioner at the New York Soho Grand Hotel and found your products are amazing. Since I am living in China, please advise me a place to purchase your products in China or maybe Hong Kong. Paul Kwok

Well, it's not often you email a company and get a reply from the CEO. Let me take the opportunity to say that I love your products! I have the whole line, and my body thanks me for it...Very best regards, Matt Dravitzki

Hi Guys, I just returned from vacation in Mexico, and had a pleasant surprise waiting for me in my hotel bathroom: Malin + Goetz products! I was staying at Condessa DF; my husband is a tour manager for bands, and this is the music industry’s hotel of choice when staying in Mexico City. It made me feel right at home: looked just like my apartment bathroom in Brooklyn! Best, Jessica Ann Graves Gonzalez

Thank you! We love your products. Wendy Rice

Hi Amanda, I received my order today and your great personal handwritten note. I wish I knew who your boss is, because I would send them a complimentary e-mail on your level of customer service. It goes a long way when people are so rushed today & most retailers just want to get orders. Your attention to orders makes me further believe in your company (aside from the great products!) I handle US Bank's real estate department and in this day & age, everyone is preaching customer service, but you delivered! You deserve a raise! Thanks again, Julie Schmidt

Thank you very much. I have been using the face wash and moisturizer samples since my last shipment and I am so happy with the results. I think this is the first time that my face is actually looking more clear than red in the past six years. I am so thrilled to have finally found products that work for my sensitive/rosacea skin! Thank you for creating such amazing products! Robin Morgan

Hi, My sister has been using your grapefruit face cleanser for several months and swears by it. Her face looks better than I have ever seen it. I recently got a sample of it from Kuhl-Linscomb in Houston so I could try it out. So far I love it. I am currently living in Austin so I was so excited to see that several places carry your line. Thanks for your help. Brooke, Austin, TX

Hi, my husband and I stayed at 21C in Louisville this past fall. I loved the Malin + Goetz bar soaps they provide. Thank you for your consideration. Tara Dill

Hi! I may have just placed an order twice, not certain. I tried to order the face lotion and face serum, pushed submit. Hoping you can shed light. Oh, and by the way, love your products! Thank you, Anna Sinton, Personal Shopper, www.AnnabelleSays.com

Hi Matthew, Just a quick note to let you know that I have really been enjoying your products. Especially, the face serum and eye cream are fantastic. The serum is addictive and it really puts a healthy shine to your face, and people have noticed. I also like the Vitamin E lotion. I think a pump would be better way to work with the lotion. It also makes it easier to travel with. Just some constructive feedback from a pleased customer. Thanks much, Arjan

Matthew, Thanks for the reply. I love your products,bought several items over Dec. and I’m hooked after years of Kiehls, Sharps, Anthonys and Art of Shaving. I’m in the process of converting all my products to M&G. I’m also looking forward to visiting your shop on my next trip to NY. Lastly, make a deodorant. Thanks and keep up the good work. Best Regards, Tony Lupino

Hey there malin + goetz, love, love, love your lip moisturizer. my puggle (please see Jody’s puggle on our “product hounds” link) loves to get a bath with the peppermint hair shampoo and then the cilantro hair conditioner (he tries to eat it!) thanx! jody

Hello! I just wanted to send a compliment to your company and its products! I used to be pretty stuck in my ways as far as skincare and cosmetics went. Since having my first baby recently at 27, I've found everything about myself changing so I decided to make changes with my makeup and skincare, as well. So far I've tried your grapefruit face cleanser and vitamin e facial moisturizer and am thoroughly impressed! I've even recommended your products to a couple co-workers and I know they've purchased items! I look forward to trying out more of your products because I'm now a HUGE fan! Sincerely, Celeste Liesenfeld

Matthew, Thank you very much for your quick reply, and willingness to send me some samples. I'm very impressed that within 24 hours of my email I received a reply from both you, and your partner, the owners of your fantastic company. That is customer, and personal service that surely is not widely available. It makes me even happier to purchase your products. I've been using the face wash, and moisturizer for a little over a month now and my skin has never looked, or felt healthier. I couldn't be any happier. I look forward to trying your hair products once the samples arrive, and I'm sure if they're nearly as good as the face products, I'll be purchasing them as well. I hope you, and your family enjoy a wonderful holiday season, Joey

Hi -- I love your product, packaging and the website is great--do you offer gift certificates? and if i were to order something online--is it possible to arrange pick up in the store ? (Yes, and, yes!) many thanks, Michelle

Hello, I have used your product through sampling at Soho Grand in New York and love it. Is there anywhere I can buy your products in Australia? (yes, we sell exclusively in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica. Locations are on our site under “find us.”)
Regards, nicole lennox gray

Matthew, Thank you for rushing my order out. By the way, I am a very loyal fan of your products and really appreciate the travel size bottles of Face Cleanser that you included in my shipment. These fit the 3 oz. or less guidelines for carry-on toiletries and are perfect for using in the lounge following 15 hour flights to Asia. Best, Timothy Donovan

Hi guys - First off, love your company and products. As a person with chronically sensitive skin, your commitment to simple products, based on natural ingredients and with no artificial fragrances, is refreshing. Your products are simply a pleasure to use. Regards, Kristopher

Hi Malin (?) I'm not even sure if that's your first name or last name. I just came from your Chelsea store today where you sold me your facial skin care line. Just wanted to drop a note and tell you that I'm lovin the products. They're great. Thanks again for talking me into it. =) I love the products I bought! Talk to you soon, Renee
P.S. - Hi to Goetz, Junior, and Bob...cute.

hi: we dropped by your store yesterday and was chatting to you (i'm the guy from dublin, i was with my friend from bangkok), and you gave me a sample of shave cream. i tried it this morning, and it worked great, very smooth shave. whilst i do like to use a brush and some old-fashioned english soaps and a brush (the ritual is nice...), i will certainly add your cream to my rotation. so, thanks, glad i tried it! nice web site, by the way. i work in interactive marketing at IBM, so always happy to poke around at web sites! overall your brand is very appealing, from the packaging through to the product itself.
mark d smith

I just had to write to let you know that I received my shipment containing the new sage hair cream. The product is wonderful!!!!!!! But I’m not surprised as all of your products are of the highest quality. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!! Paul Swartz

Hi there,
Having just come back from the Condesa df in Mexico City where I used your range of skin products, I would like to get hold of them. I tried ordering through your website but found you do not ship internationally. I went to the closest retailer in Melbourne, but they dont seem to offer the full product range...and I need some of the products that Mecca Cosmetica doesnt have. What is a girl to do!!!

I was just in LA yesterday but didnt know where to start to find your products. Now after research I do...but am too far away to purchase. Do you have some advice!!! As I am in New Zealand, I can only order online. I await some helpful advice. (we can always ship email and phone orders!)

Kind regards,
Mary Davenport

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